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I grew up with a strong interest in green, in nature, its plants, its birds.
With my parents and sister I made a lot of walks in the natural areas of
the Netherlands and abroad during holidays.

Our destinations for holidays included amongst others
Eiffel in Germany and Vosges, Cevennes and Alpes in France.
These were the destinations where my admiration for orchids grew strongly.
In my home country The Netherlands some nature reserves were visited yearly
to see the plants and their yearly variation in number.

My interest in orchids has become serious during the past six years.
I have started to realize how much they represented natural places that have
become very rare today.

After a few years of Economy I decided to change my studies to
Forest and Nature Conservation at Larenstein University, Velp, Netherlands.
I recently finished my studies.
As a Bachelor of Science I work for an office of landscape architecture
in the south of the Netherlands.

Bemelen near Maastricht, The Netherlands - The Netherlands
Frank Verhart

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