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More photographs by Frank Verhart...

Butterflies / Vlinders   by F. van Cassel   (Dutch)
A collection of butterfly-photographs from various Dutch photographers, among which Frank Verhart
>>  Iconography of the Orchids of Europe / Iconographie des Orchidées d'Europe   by P. Pernot   (French)
A collection of European orchid-photographs from various photographers, among which Frank Verhart.

>>  Alternatywny serwis o Ohowie  (Polish)
Information about the village of Uhowo, includes photographs from Frank Verhart.

General photography and nature photography links

Saxifraga Foundation   (English)
This organisation provides free (!) film for the purpose of nature photography. A part of the photographs on Frank Nature were made with films from Saxifraga Foundation. Recommended!
>>   by M. Miedema   (Dutch)
>>  Nature Photo Index
>>  The Web's Top Photography Pages

Links to subpages of - the Dutch internet portal

A great collection of relevant links to nature in the Netherlands, recommended!
Many links to top-amateur and professional Dutch and international nature photography sites.
Great number of links to amateur photography sites.
Orchids, orchids, orchids... mainly about trade and growing.

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