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Frank Verhart

born  13 july 1978
place of birth  's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
sex  male
nationality  Dutch
address  click here


1990  -  Upper general secondary education  -  graduated 1995
Frederik Hendrik College, 's-Hertogenbosch

1995  -  Pre-university education  -  graduated 1997
Frederik Hendrik College, 's-Hertogenbosch

1997  -  Higher professional education in marketing  -  graduated year 1 & 2 (of 4) 1999
Hogeschool 's-Hertogenbosch, 's-Hertogenbosch

2000  -  Higher professional education in forest & nature conservation
B.Sc. graduation june 2003

thesis rated 8 out of 10
Hogeschool Larenstein, Velp

Practical experience

work    Groen-planning Maastricht   Meerssen
July 2003 - now
Groen-planning is an office of landscape architects and plans activities in urban and
non-urban areas, such as development of ecological zones and new forests, expansian of
golf-courses and exploitation of natural resources such as sand or clay. Often the planning areas
need to be inspected for the presence of rare and legally protected species.
I am especially
occupied in writing reports.

thesis    State Forestry Service & Nature Monuments    Dwingeloo
Januari - June 2003
For Dutch State Forestry Service (Staatsbosbeheer) and Nature Monuments (Natuurmonumenten)
I wrote a plan for the spatial spreading of visitors to the Dwingelderveld National Park in
the province of Drenthe in the North of the Netherlands. The assignment existed amongst others
of analysis of natural values susceptible to recreational pressure, analysis of current use and negative developments regarding recreational use, such as cross country. The Dwingelderveld NP is visited
yearly by 1,5 million people and an import wetland for over 100 breeding birds and 1000s of geese
in the same time. Project done together with my fellow students Koen Bakker and Robert Bibo.
my thesis and colloquium were rewarded by 8 out of 10

traineeship    Bialowieza Geobotanical Station of Warsaw University    Bialowieza, Poland
April - July 2002
I assisted in scientific research concerning alien species (trees and shrubs) within and near
Bialowieza Primeval Forest, which is one of Europe's best preserved natural forests.
Futhermore I contributed to research of local changes in agricultural landuse, spontaneous succession
and development of an orchid population.

traineeship    Province of Limburg, Green department    Maastricht
Januari - April 2002

I contributed to the execution of the provincial policy of forest expansion. My main task was to
write a brochure for people who seriously consider to invest in new forests, which is in the Netherlands
basically an unprofitable investment, but demanded for by society - especially for increasing
recreational needs.

practical courses    Larenstein University & IPC Groene Ruimte    Schaarsbergen
safe and efficient use of chainsaws in forestry  One week
safe and efficient use of tractors in forestry  One week
forest management focused on development of natural values  One week

work    Regional Centre against Foot- and Mouth disease    Stroe
May - June 2001
When the feared virus struck Europes agriculture I assisted at the administrative department,
located in the area in the Netherlands that suffered the virus most.

work    Brabanthallen    's-Hertogenbosch
November 1999 - November 2002
In part-time I carried out varried catering tasks, including serving drinks and selling snacks,
I sold tickets and guided visitors to a parking place; varried work in the most important
complex for varried events in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant.


Dutch  speaking, reading and writing  excellent  -  mother language
speaking, reading and writing  fluent  -  near native speaker  -  SEFIC 4th level degree
French  speaking, reading and writing  good
German  speaking and reading  fair  writing  poor
Polish  very basic knowledge
very basic knowledge

Various diploms

1988  graduated typist
1999  driving license  -  car at disposal


MS Word  Good
MS Excell  Good
MS Acces  Basic
Esri ArcView  Good
Adobe Photoshop  Good
Corel Photo-Paint  Good
Corel Draw  Good
Macromedia Dreamweaver  Good

Natural values

indigenious orchids  excellent knowledge
indigenious birds  good knowledge
indigenious trees & shrubs  good knowledge
indigenious plants  general to good knowledge

indigenious mammals  general knowledge


  in Dutch wildernis
Cycling  on the urban street, in the forest, at the river, anywhere!
Ice-skating  preferably on natural ice
Photography  of nature, landscapes, orchids
Reading  Dutch literature
Music  pop, rock, Dutch hip-hop

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